Can I build a granny flat on my property?

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What size of granny flat can I build?

Benco Granny Flats can build you granny flats in 1,2 or 3 bedrooms configurations up to a maximum area of 60 square metres. We can however go larger by adding you a carport, a patio or an entertainment area.

What is included with a Benco Granny Flat?

Benco Granny Flats offers you solutions tailored to your own needs. If you are geared towards making money out of your granny flat,we can build you an investor pack. If you tend to use your granny flat for self retreat, to accommodate your elderly parents or your teenagers, then we can build you a home owner luxury flat. Click here to see inclusions list.

Does Benco Granny Flats build kit or custom designed granny flats?

Benco Granny Flats are built on site using qualified and licensed personnel in order to ensure the highest and safest quality standards. You can select from our existing granny flat designs or have it custom designed.

How many granny flats can I build in my back yard?

Only one, by regulation of the affordable rental housing state environmental planning policy (AHSEPP).

Am I able to build a granny flat on my battle axe block?

Yes you can, as long as your driveway to the rear block is wider than 3 metres and your block is at least 12 metres wide.

Can I attach a granny flat to my existing house?

Yes you can. However, certain structural conditions apply and that involves some extra cost.

What if I need to accommodate disabled or elderly people?

No problem. Benco Granny Flats will design your granny flat to provide necessary wheel chair access and comply with Australian standard 1428.1-2009.

How long is construction period

Construction will normally take eight weeks, subject to weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.